Switzerland: 12 Top Tourist Attractions in that you must see!

Ahhh, Switzerland is really beautiful! The more you travel, the more you fall in love with the natural beauties and breathtaking landscapes of the country. Many of these places, however, are far from the big cities or the traditional itineraries. Those who take the risk of putting on their backpacks and hitting the thousands of trails and walks scattered around the country can discover incredible hidden havens.

Switzerland: 12 places that you’ll want to see!

In this article, I made a list of some of the places I visited and consider not to be missed in this charming corner of Europe. These are the places I recommend for anyone who wants to venture into the beautiful Swiss Cantons.

#1. Valle Verzasca (Ticino)

Valle Verzasca - TIcino - Suíça / Switzerland

Do you know that phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, the first time I saw a photo of the romanic bridge “Ponte Dei Salti” with the crystal turquoise blue waters of Verzasca River I dreamed of visiting that place. And I confess I did not regret it. Undoubtedly one of the must-see trips in Switzerland during the summer.

The Valle Verzasca, located in the Italian speaking Canton of Ticino and part of the district of Locarno consists of the municipalities of Sonogno, Vogorno, Corippo, Lavertezzo, Mergoscia, Brione Verzasca, Frasco and Gerra Verzasca.

#2. Zermatt (Valais)

terrhorn - Zermatt - Suíça / Switzerland

I went to Zermatt the first time I visited Switzerland in April 2011. But I admit it is one of the places I would like to go back to and explore with more time. Famous for being situated at the foot of one of the most famous mountains in the world – the Matterhorn – the village is very charming. In summer, the region offers numerous outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, cycling, etc.) and during the winter the place is the paradise of skiing with its 360 miles of trails.

#3. Mürren (Berne)

terrhorn - Zermatt - Suíça / Switzerland

Located at the foot of Schilthorn, the mountain that became famous for being the setting for one of the “Bond … James Bond” films, Mürren has just over 400 inhabitants and several hotels. In addition to a beautiful view of the Eiger Mountains, Mönch and Jungfrau, during the summer it is possible to see some of the 72 waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. There are no cars in the village and access is by cable car and then a small train coming from Lauterbrunnen – and by funicular from there to Mürren.

#4. Lavaux (Vaud)

Lavaux - Suíça / Switzerland

Undoubtedly the region of Lavaux in the Canton of Vaud is worthy of the title of Unesco cultural heritage, category “Natural Landscapes” with great praise. There are 830 hectares spread over the steep slopes between the cities of Lausanne and Vevey. Mountain, lake, vineyards and quaint towns combine perfectly, giving rise to a wonderful look that fills the eyes of any tourist. We made the trail about 18km on foot. Although long, the trail is relatively easy.

#5. Cleuson , Nendaz (Valais)

Nendaz - Valais - Suíça / Switzerland

This is one of those places that I mentioned that you only reach by putting on the backpack and hitting the trail. Oh, but it’s worth it, believe me! After walking about 2 hours down the mountain, we came across the wonderful view of the lake. The color of the water of Cleuson Dam, on a sunny day, is something indescribable. Without a doubt, a wonderful view.

#6. Gruyères (Fribourg)

Gruyères - Fribourg - Suíça / Switzerland

One of the most famous medieval villages in Switzerland, Gruyères is always full of tourists. In addition to the attractions of the village (the cheese factory, the Château and the HR Museum), the region holds beautiful landscapes for those who are encouraged to discover its trails.

#7. Wildhaus (St.Gallen)

Wildhaus - Suíça / Switzerland

Wildhaus is a small village located just over an hour from Zurich. According to information from the website Myswitzerland.com, in the region of Widhaus is located the biggest winter sports resort of Eastern Switzerland, “a wide and varied ski and snowboard area, at a height of 2,262 meters.” I was there during the summer and went on a hike of 18 km. In addition to the look of the mountains, the crystal clear waters of the rivers and lakes form a beautiful landscape.

#8. Monastery of St. Urban (Luzerne)

Monastério St Urban - Suíça / Switzerland

I’ve been twice in the town of Pfaffnau. The first time I only saw the building of the monastery from afar and I found it beautiful. I stopped, took a picture, and left. On my second visit, I had more time to explore this beautifual monastery which was built in the Eighteenth Century, with its Baroque and Cistercian Architecture and that eventually became a monument of national importance. I consider this to be one of the most beautiful churches I have seen in Switzerland.

#9. Saint Cergue (Vaud)

Saint Cergue -Suíça / Switzerland

Saint Cergue is only 35 km away from Geneva. During the winter, the city is invaded by those looking for skiing. During the summer, the region offers several trails and beautiful scenery. But the town is most well known for its  annual festival called “La Désalpe”, which happens every autumn in Saint Cergue.

The festival is a local tradition and symbolizes the end of the pasture season in the mountains. Throughout the morning, ranchers proudly parade through the streets with their animals (cows, goats and pigs) carefully decorated with flowers and bells. The festival also takes place in other villages of the country.

#10. Brunnen (Schwyz)

Brunnen - Suíça / Switzerland

Lake Lucerne has several branches and at the tip of one of them is the beautiful (and expensive) town of Brunnen. The Burgenstock mountain, the Gotthard massif and the lake together form a charming look. If you visit the city of Lucerne, I suggest you take the boat trip and get off at Brunnen for a few minutes.

#11. Appenzell (Appenzell Innerhoden)

Appenzell - Suíça / Switzerland

This time we were in the right place at the right time! Yes, that’s how I define my trip through Appenzell, one of the most beautiful and traditional regions of Switzerland. We arrived on a Sunday morning and, coincidentally, it was a day of celebration in the city. Suddenly, the church bell rang, announcing the end of mass, and the women began to parade down the street wearing a costume typical of the region.

I really wasn’t expecting that and it was simply amazing! They seemed to have stepped out of a time tunnel into the village streets. Of course, I did could not resist and asked them if I could take their photo before heading to the mountains. We did several hikes around the area and came back from there thrilled!

#12. Biaufond Bridge and Lake (Jura)

Ponte de Biaufond - Suíça / Switzerland

This was one of the last places I found in Switzerland and I loved it. In fact, it is on the border between Switzerland and France and it is somewhat difficult to say which part is in which country. We happened to pass by on one of our trips. It was late October, when we came across the Biaufond Bridge (or Pont de Paix Sri Chinmoy) on the Doubs River, considered the first bridge of peace between Switzerland and France. The view formed by the red of the bridge, the colour of the water, the green grass and the orange of the trees was so beautiful that we could not resist, stopped the car and photographed the place.

Did you like the list? Well, this list is not exhaustive, the country is really beautiful and the more we travel, the more we want to see more and there seems to always be a new and beautiful place to visit.

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