Switzerland: 10 more Top Tourist Attractions we must see!

Have you taken a look at the post 12 places in Switzerland that you will want to visit? If so, you must have realized that the country has incredible places and a very rich culture.

In addition to being privileged with unparalleled natural beauty, everything in the country is carefully preserved and the access is relatively easy. Moreover, Switzerland takes its culture very seriously and this is handed down from generation to generation, as in Appenzell and Saint Cergue.

Switzerland: 10 places that we loved it!

If you liked our first post, get your pen and the paper ready because surely your list of places to visit in Switzerland will increase. In this second post we list some more places that are also worthy of a visit in this beautiful country. Check it out!

#1. Kronberg (Appenzell Innerhoden)

Kronberg (Suíca) / Switzerland

Just 11 minutes by train from the village of Appenzell you will find Kronberg, a mountain 1,663m high from where you can see this beautiful view. Access is made via a cable car which leaves from Jakobsbad station and only takes 8 minutes to reach the final destination. We got there late in the afternoon and it was already cloudy. The next day the sun came up very early, before 6 o’clock in the morning.

Of course I jumped out of bed and, despite the low temperature, went out to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Since it was too early, I went back to bed and guess what? When I woke up again, about 8 o’clock, the sky was totally clouded over. We chose to hike down and did not regret it, the region was worth it.

To get an idea of what the place is like, you can take a peek at the webcam by clicking here.

#2. Absinto Route (Neuchâtel)

Rota do Absinto (Suíça) / Switzerland

Did you know that Absinthe, the drink that supposedly caused hallucinations and mental instability in famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde, was invented as medicine in the town of Couvet, Switzerland?

Yes, that’s true! But, with the addition of some herbs and doses of alcohol, the drink became famous, won the world and the taste buds of the cafes in Paris.

Considered illegal in Switzerland for 95 years (from 1910 until 2005), Absinthe, or “Green Fairy” as it is known, now even has a museum in the town of Val-de-Travers. It is the Masion de l’Absinthe, where visitors can learn a little about the history of such a drink. We hiked part of the route, it is nothing so attractive in terms of natural beauty but, it is interesting because of the history of the drink.

#3. Seealpsee Lake (Appenzell Innerhoden)

Seealpsee Lake (Suíça) / Switzerland

As you may already realize the Canton of Appenzell holds many breathtaking landscapes. The Lake of Seealpsee is a little more difficult to visit because it is in a location accessible only by trail and, I confess, is not a very easy trail. It is only 3km from Wasserauen, where you can leave the car, but the problem is that more than half the trail is very steep, so it becomes difficult and tiring. We took an hour to do the route but arrived at the hotel on the edge of this beautiful lake really tired.

#4. Château of Chillon (Vaud)

Chaâteau Chillon / Switzerland

This is a basic tour that anyone can do. Located on the shores of Lake Leman and at the foot of the Alps, Chillon is one of the most well known Swiss castles in the world and also the most visited. With over 1000 years of history, it has inspired famous artists and writers like Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Courbet. Besides the Château facilities and the temporary exhibitions that the place offers, the visit is complete with the beautiful view of the Montreux Riviera.

#5. Toblerones Route

Rota dos Toblerones / Toblerone Route (Switzerland)

Oh, do you think Switzerland has no history? So you need to know the Toblerone Route, named after the antitank barriers built during World War II, supposedly to protect the country from possible invasions. It is 15Km of trail, which starts at Bassins and goes to the edge of Lake Leman in Nyon.

#6. Fontain of Cudrefin (Vaud)

Jet D'eau de Cudrefin / Switzerland

No, this is not the famous Jet d’eau of Geneva! This is much smaller and is on Lake Neuchatel. Last summer, we took a two-day bicycle tour and ended up in the village of Cudrefin, from where we took the boat back to Neuchâtel. I was delighted with the place by the color of the water (super blue and transparent) but, frankly, I did not even realise that there was a kind of replica of the Jet D’eau there. Some time later we passed by the village again and, to my surprise, I came face to face with the fountain  which, of course, adds to the beauty of the place.

#7. Zähringer (Fribourg)

Murten (Suíça) / SwitzerlandIt was on this same cycling tour that we visited the medieval town of Zähringer, on the shores of Lake Murten and with views of Mount Vully and Jura. Like most cities of that time, Zähringer is surrounded by a protective wall. The curiosity here, according to switzerland.com, is that the wall is preserved almost in its entirety. In addition, it is the only one in Switzerland where you can walk from start to finish, providing visitors with beautiful views of the lake and the rooftops of the Historic Center.

#8. Creux-du-Van (Neuchâtel)

Blog de Viagens MeusRoteiros

This place is simply amazing! And the best is that it can be visited by anyone, because the access is very easy. You can drive to the Restaurant du Soliat. See how to get there by clicking here. Park the car near the restaurant and proceed on foot to the canyon, just 300m. The rocky circle is 1400m wide and 200m high. Take a snack and have a picnic there, the view is stunning.

#9. Rorschach (St. Gallen)

Rorschach / Switzerland

Located on the shores of Lake Constance, Rorschach is known as a city with Latin style. Honestly, I could not figure out why. In addition, the city became known due to its commercial development in the Middle Ages, being considered the most important centers on the southeast side of the lake.

#10. Lucerne (Luzern)

Lucerna Suíça / Switzerland

Given the requests, I will finish this post with the beautiful town of  Lucerne. Situated on the banks of the lake of the same name, the city is one of the favorite destinations of tourists in Switzerland. Among the highlights of the city are:

  • the famous Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), considered one of the oldest covered wooden bridges in Europe;
  • The figure of the dying lion, carved on the face of the rock in honor of the death of the Swiss guards in 1792;
  • And the Museggmauer wall, almost entirely preserved in its original state.

In addition, several squares and churches, as well as the mountains (Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn), complete the scenery of the city.

Did you like these places? There are still more beautiful things to see in Switzerland. Soon we’ll post more. Wait!

Ah, an important information, since everything in Switzerland is very expensive. If you take the Kronberg mountain walk on your birthday, you do not have to pay for the cable car ticket. Just present a document proving that you were born that day. 😉