Óbidos Lagoon: a beautiful getaway from the medieval city of Óbidos!

Óbidos Lagoon
We have had several cool surprises since we started to explore Portugal, but without a doubt, one of our best discoveries of the summer was the beautiful Óbidos Lagoon.

The Lagoon – which is very close to the well-known village of Óbidos – is always mentioned as one of the most beautiful places on the western coast of the country. And believe me, that’s right !! So, when you decide to visit the medieval city, take an extra hour and visit the Lagoon. You will not regret it.

What surprised me most was the size of the lagoon and the color of the water, which was different according with the depth of the lagoon. The contrast between the blue sky, the white of the sand and the tourquose of the water creates a perfect scenery. The only problem is that even in the summer the water is cold, very cold indeed. At least for us Brazilians, accustomed to warmer water.

The infrastructure offered the tourist is simple but very nice. You can rent chairs, umbrella, eat something in the nearby bars and restaurants or, if you prefer, simply spread your towel on the sand and relax.

Just remember, getting into the water will require a little bit of courage. 😉

Óbidos Lagoon

Óbidos Lagoon

Óbidos Lagoon

About the Óbidos Lagoon

Óbidos Lagoon

The Óbidos Lagoon is considered the most extensive coastal lagoon system on the Portuguese coast, with a total area of approximately 6.9Km2 and an average depth of just two meters.*

It lies right on the border between the county of Caldas da Rainha and Óbidos.

It is said that the extension of the Lagoon was much larger. According to the ancient inhabitants, it came to bathe the walls of the Castle of Óbidos on the west side.

If you like water sports, the Óbidos Lagoon is the ideal place. Throughout the year it is possible to practice different activities such as Sailing, Windsurfing, Canoeing, Rowing, Kite boarding, Jet skiing and Water Skiing, as well as Stand Up Paddle boarding.

If you prefer a quieter ride, you can rent a paddle boat – or “seagulls”, as they are commonly called – in Foz do Arelho and enjoy the beauty of the Lagoon.

Óbidos Lagoon

Óbidos Lagoon

Óbidos Lagoon

Óbidos Lagoon

How to get to Óbidos Lagoon?

By car: From Lisbon it’s approximately 96Km. Follow A8 then take the exit to N360. Go straight at Rua da Paz and after that Rua Eng. Luís de Paiva e Sousa, in Nadadouro. If you have doubt follow the signs to Foz do Arelho.

By public transportation: the bus company Rodotejo offers transport from Lisbon to Foz do Arelho. The trip last at about 1 hour, the ticket price is 8euros. From there take a taxi to the Lagoon.

The instructions above are to arrive in Foz do Arelho, the side of the Lagoon where we went. But you also can visit the other side of the Lagoon. Follow A8 then take the exit 13. Go straight at N114 and after that EM573.

Where to stay?

Óbidos Lagoon

There are some hotel by the Lagoon, if you decide to spend one night there, check the list we prepared for you.

INATEL Foz do Arelho
Apartamento Foz do Arelho
Guest House da Lagoa
Swimgold Villa
Casa da Encosta
Obidos Lagoon Wellness Villas
Casa na Lagoa de Óbidos

Lagoa de Óbidos / Óbidos Lagoon

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